Research and copywriting for brochure
on production of 4 Copas, the only 100% pure
agave, certified 100% organic tequila

This brochure was created for use in high-level corporate-to-corporate and finance presentations, to explain the product's unique characteristics resulting from the soil, water, plants, and process, as well as the lifestyle niche and the family of tequilas.

4 Copas Special Brochure, coverWhy Organic?

Consumers today are increasing distant from the raw materials and processes that create some of the basic elements of daily life. From clothing to cars to pet food, we’re often not sure of their quality, components or ingredients. Consumers feel this loss of control and have reacted naturally, by exercising more control over their foods and beverages. According to recent research, buying “organic” products makes them feel they’ve exercised a choice. They believe the organic product will taste better, it’s better for the environment, and it’s healthier, with taste the leading factor, cited by 38%. Organic food sales are estimated to be up by 17% or more each of the past few years compared to 2-3% for conventional foods. Sophisticated adults are more aware each day of the value of organic foods, whether it’s free range eggs, one’s personal bottle of water, or in their selection of a distilled spirit to share with friends. These affluent consumers appreciate the superior experience enjoyed from a 100% organic tequila, its uniquely pure taste and bouquet, as well as knowing they’ve made a more healthful choice.

interior page: Our Soil

Our Soil.

La Quemada means ”the burned land”, a name dating from when the Spaniards first saw the vibrant red soil flecked with black in particular areas within and near the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Our fertile volcanic soil, an elevation about 3,000 feet with cool nights and warm days, abundant sunshine, and about 40” of annual rainfall are ideal conditions for the agave weber azul from which tequila is made. That our distillery was named for the land is fitting, because the rich volcanic and loamy mixture at La Quemada, well-drained and rich in basalt and iron, was as early as 1790 recognized as particularly fortunate for both the agave and those who would enjoy the resulting tequila. The same methods of care and stewardship that nourished these cherished hectares in those days are essentially what is followed here today. Only natural compost made from our own agave is used. Pesticides are never used, and only natural controls are applied as needed. This attitude and labor-intensive effort is necessary because the character and personality in each taste of 4 Copas is rooted in the land of its birth.

Our Water.

Due to its central importance in all of life, the contribution of the water that nourishes our fields of agave and is used in the fermentation mixture can not be overly emphasized. It begins with La Quemada’s location in Jalicso, on the west of Mexico’s central plateau, in a valley dominated by the Volcán Tequila. While trade winds off the Pacific bring heavy rains to the coast, they diminish to the moderate amounts ideal for agriculture as they pass into these inland regions. The volcanic geology of the area provides the added advantage of ample groundwater, including our own artesian well. Long renowned for its clarity, delicious taste and consistently refreshing character, our well has been jealously protected from outside contamination for generations to preserve its purity. The principle use of this source is for irrigation, to supplement nature’s watering and ensure continual optimum conditions for our agave. This pure water is also blended with the raw agave juices and our secret yeast to start the distillation process.

Our Plants.

For pre-Columbian peoples, the agave was such a useful and beneficial plant that it could only be of divine origin. It made beams, nails, and roofing, needles, thread and pins for making and mending clothes, and had many medicinal purposes. It also produced pulque, a ritual fermented drink that the Spaniards used to create the first distilled spirit in North America, the ancestor of tequila. Tequila itself is made from the Agave tequilana Weber var. azul, also called the agave weber azul or simply blue agave. The soil, location and climate at our estate helps the blue agave grow rich in sweet, nutritious juices and high in sugars to be more productive in distillation. They form large cones surrounded by fibrous leaves, and require an 8- to 10-year maturation process. The plants produce shoots, or quiotes, the hardiest of which are tended in a sheltered nursery and hand-planted to start another 10-year cycle before they can produce quality tequila. We harvest only mature agaves, for only these have acquired the traits that come through in the uniquely pure taste and distinct bouquet of 4 Copas tequilas.

interior page: Our Process

Our Process.

In a land of tradition, the agave weber azul grown at La Quemada is tended patiently using methods unchanged for centuries. There are no better ways to make sure they are healthy and that the spines are trimmed at just the right time to ensure maximum sugar retention in the cone, or heart. Resembling 200-pound pineapples, the harvested cones are baked in traditional clay ovens, shredded, and crushed by stone wheels called tahonas to release the juice. The water used to aid fermentation is from our own artesian well, protected for centuries to guarantee its purity and consistency. Then, we add yeast cultured from our own plants, not commercial brewers yeast, so with 4 Copas even the spark of fermentation begins with pure agave. The mix is distilled in stainless steel, keeping only the heart of the first batch with the purest flavors and least impurities, which is distilled twice more to further refine the spirit. The resulting 100% pure organic tequila is then bottled directly to capture the freshest essence of the agave flavor and bouquet for our Blanco, or aged in wood casks for our Reposado and Anejo.

Our Lifestyle.

The spread of a more casual personal style in the United States has paralleled the deepening influence of and affinity for Mexican culture in this country. Travel to Mexico and second-home ownership by Americans has boomed as the two nation’s economies are ever more entwined. This trend, as well as the expanding affluence of society, have generated positive trends in the sales of spirits overall, tequila of all types in particular, but especially of premium 100% agave tequilas. While spirit sales are up 22% since 2000, tequila of all types are up 31% in the same period. Most significantly, sales for 100% agave tequilas have grown by an extraordinary 62.4% in that time compared to 15% for mixed products. The same affluence pushing the growth in premium spirit sales are also behind the growth in organic food sales, and in both cases the principle reasons behind their purchase decisions are the same: better flavor and a more healthful product. As the single product situated at the crossroads of these two trends, with the world’s first certified 100% organic tequila, 4 Copas is well-positioned for market success.

Our Family.

4 Copas Blanco is our white tequila, the “pure spirit” savored by connoisseurs for its fresh agave taste and bouquet, offering drinkers our tequila’s natural personality and taste. Reposado is our “rested” tequila, aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of 60 days, which imparts a light golden color and softens its taste with wooden accents. Añejo is the king of tequilas, aged in white oak barrels for over one year to acquire a rich amber color and a medium wood flavor, giving it status worldwide as a truly exceptional spirit. And as a finishing touch, the entire family of 4 Copas tequilas are sold in glass bottles hand-blown by local craftsman, honoring another of Jalisco’s finest traditions.

Our Region.

By law, only spirits originating in defined areas offering prime conditions for the blue agave, and produced according to strictly controlled processes may be called tequila. The finer offerings are also labeled 100% agave, but only one such spirit is also certified 100% organic: 4 Copas.