Copywriting to create a sense of place: intro or "romance" copy for new home communities

Copywriting for new communities must create the sense of an established, welcoming place, a specialty of Geo Walsh, freelance marketing copywriter for new homes, land development, resorts.

Vintage at The Oaks logo and home illustration

It is an historical fact:

The rolling countryside around Calabasas has always been a cherished place to live. The evidence is the oaks you see around you, once an important source of shelter and nourishment for the earliest people who came here. For them and all who followed, this is the place where they could enjoy easy times with family and friends. This is where they would always want to return.

These ancient oaks also teach a lesson, a lesson as profound for us as it was for them. The oaks stand as a daily reminder of everything we must pass along to future generations. That’s why we’ve taken such care in creating Vintage at The Oaks, an exceptional collection of new estate homes inspired by this unique natural environment – to make a place to which you will always want to return.

A connection to history. A legacy that inspires.

The railroads that tie Sanger to the wider world tell a story that began with the original pioneers who settled this land. Because these iron roads were the mighty force that first united a sprawling, dynamic land, reaching from the teeming cities across vast prairies, and then through perilous mountain passes to the orchards and vineyards of California’s great valley.

The rails brought the earliest residents to the area, drawn by the natural wealth and awesome promise of this land. In time, these first families put down roots and an old-fashioned neighborly way of life blossomed and grew. In Sanger, those small-town yet big-hearted values endure to this day, and remain an important part of everyday life.

This community spirit is embodied in the Sanger Depot Museum. Once the town’s original station on the Southern Pacific line, here visitors learn of the challenges and accomplishments of those earlier generations. Yet, beyond their essential role in the city’s history, the legacy of the railroads endures here with a deeper meaning – as a symbol of a vibrant community and an ever brighter future.