Brochure copywriting for eco-friendly new homes
community near Portland, Oregon

Writing for a target audience quite sophisticated in environmental issues and interested in low-impact community design, I created this brochure for a new home community that stressed the benefits of life in a healthy natural habitat.

Taralon brochure cover art

Living with a lighter footprint
enhances our connections to nature.

What glimpses of nature await on a bright new day,
amid the sparkling dew and songs of birds?

At Taralon, we wanted to make it difficult to know exactly where the town stops and the natural world begins. We envisioned Taralon to be of the land, not just on it. It was created for those who believe in living closer to nature, who would seek out a community where a thriving environment reflects the healthful, balanced lifestyle found within. Because in protecting the most vital links in the surrounding web of life, we not only nurture the health of the local ecosystem but enhance the outlook and spirit of those who live here.

We couldn’t improve on nature,
so we let nature improve our community.

In this richly diverse environment, each day
will add anew to a lifetime of cherished memories.

Taralon is planned around a unique environmental design that channels rainwater to feed water features like ponds and “green” streets, which in turn sustain restored and newly created wetlands amid open spaces and generations-old trees. This ecosystem supports a wide spectrum of bird and animal life, which residents may encounter up-close on meandering paths that also link to extended nature trails outside the community.

Balanced between town and country, Taralon is also poised between seclusion and convenience. From meeting a rabbit on your morning walk, it’s less than a mile to local shopping. Major retail, dining, movies, and golf courses are only a short drive from home. And for entertainment, nightlife and culture, Taralon is just thirty minutes from downtown Portland.

A life in balance is a dream made real at Taralon – a balance between seclusion and convenience, between town and country, between fulfilling our obligation to respect the earth and building a new community that fulfills our human aspirations.

Taralon balances modern living
with nature’s timeless beauty.

On a stroll through endless shades of green
you’ll find where inspiration awaits.

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We are recognized as a leader in the planning, design and creation of environmentally sensitive communities, continually seeking new ways to protect natural resources and regenerate the land’s natural systems. Our focus on Healthy Living Systems means we look for ways we can restore the land to its natural state, preserve natural topography and wetlands, and draw them into the heart of the community itself.