Research and copywriting of brochure and
website for four-seasons resort community

I researched and wrote the vision/planning statement, preliminary brochure and website for this 4-seasons, family-oriented resort residential community in the Intermountain West. These are excerpts from the brochure.

THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST IS DISCOVERY. In years past it was the discovery of spectacular natural wonders, vast new lands for settlement, and the freedom to create a better life. Today, discovering the West means creating lifelong memories, experiencing new adventures, and building stronger family bonds. There is a special place where nature still exists in its untamed majesty, a place that promises new wonders and boundless reward. It is set where great trails of history cross along the backbone of America, in an area that once greeted Native Americans, the mountain man rendezvous, Butch Cassidy and the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. This is Bear Mountain Resort.

Bear Mountain brochure images

Bear Mountain Resort was created for those with a passion to experience life with no limitations. It will be America’s most multifaceted and complete four seasons destination, and the simplest to enjoy. One of the keys that unlock Bear Mountain’s many treasures is an innovative ID bracelet system that enhances access to all resort amenities as well as your family’s convenience. It gives kids a rare freedom to explore and discover on their own within a protected environment and eliminates lines and paperwork at equipment or activity sites. The system empowers parents to set appropriate boundaries and permissions, tracks use and location, and lets anyone locate another member of their party in moments. By doing away with cash, tips, lines or waiting, Bear Mountain residents and visitors can focus on the pure experience. And there is so much to experience.

A variety of resort environments in distinct settings are offered at Bear Mountain, including diverse recreation amenities for both outdoor and sports activities, top flight terrain parks, championship golf, exhilarating water sports, and charming villages for dining, shopping, and family fun. Adventure centers, clubs and camps will challenge and inspire children of all ages, expanding their horizons. Artists in Residence will demonstrate and educate in a variety of art forms. Lifestyle classes on health and relaxation, nature and botany will open the mind to find new springs of peace or creativity within. By bringing together so many extraordinary threads of experience, life at Bear Mountain will weave a bright tapestry of memories that will endure for generations. With so much to explore and discover, Bear Mountain is a privileged world as inviting as a mountain lake and as compelling as a rocky mountain face.

WHEN YOU’RE AT HOME AT BEAR MOUNTAIN, great outdoor adventure can be found on every point of the compass. So get ready to explore this rugged half-wild landscape and discover its riches.

The lodestar points north from Bear Mountain, where in a couple of hours you’re surrounded by the laid-back sophistication and renowned ski slopes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here, cowboy charm, great shopping, exquisite dining and western history set the stage for a singular experience. Just up the road is Grand Teton National Park with jagged mountains, dramatic moods, and wildlife including pronghorn, elk, black bear, beavers, and even bald eagles catching fish in the rivers. Some say the best way to enjoy this rare environment is to take a float down the Snake River, serenely gliding past its awesome panorama of animal life, meadows and majestic peaks.

In the western foothills of the Uintah Mountain Range and almost due south of Bear Mountain are the civilized pleasures of the historic silver mining town of Park City, Utah. Home to the Olympic Ski Team, the Sundance Film Festival, and the world’s best snow, here you can enjoy almost perfect ski conditions and finish your run by gliding right into town to sample the culture, nightlife, bistros and unique shopping and dining of picturesque Main Street.

From the mountains you transition easily to Bear Lake. This Tahoe sized, natural body of water has over 120 square miles of surface area, is surprisingly warm for a lake at its elevation and is famous for its enchanting, ever-changing Caribbean blue waters. The lake’s coloring varies constantly through the day, a magical effect caused by the effects of sun and current on limestone particles in the water. Bordered with inviting sandy beaches, Bear Lake’s friendly waters are comfortable and crystal clear, ideal for swimming, boating, water craft, and great fishing. Throughout the design, development and operation of Bear Mountain, preserving the healthy ecosystem of this precious resource is of paramount importance.

FROM PARK CITY TO JACKSON HOLE, Shoshone Falls to Flaming Gorge, this region encompasses breathtaking scenery and family excitement, and right in the heart of it is Bear Mountain Resort.

Whether you seek the untamed, natural West, the whitewater or white powder West, the serenity of some of its most spectacular landscapes or the excitement and elegance of the its premier destinations, you’re never far from your heart’s desire at Bear Mountain. Where the spirit of the West is yours to experience.