Interface design consultation, user guide, video tutorials, Help docs, for online voice marketing application

Working from the development phase to launch, I consulted on GUI and forms design, writing all home page promotional and application screen text, tool tips, pop-up alerts, as well as the User Guide and Help file, then designed, wrote and produced six online video tutorials.

Smart VoiceCast home page

For the six tutorials, I created the instructional design and lesson plans, created all demonstration example folders and files for visuals, executed and edited screen capture video, and performed the narration.

Smart VoiceCast Tutorial image

Smart VoiceCast Tutorial menu image


I also created and produced a comprehensive user guide/ help documentation for the application, including illustrations, screen capture/Photoshop work, and published as .html, .hlp and .pdf versions.
Click the image below to view or download the file as a PDF.

Click to view VB_Help_User_Manual.pdf