Headlines and body copy for print and web-based high tech product marketing

Starting with the agency's rough layouts I delivered headline options and finished body copy for the print execution and a separate longer version for the website user testimonial.

WDC My Book Mirror print ad

Ad text:

“In my field, staying on top requires keeping
100% of my clients’ financial data secure.”

Thomas’ clients trust him with mountains of sensitive information, and data loss is definitely not an option. That’s why he relies on WD’s My Book Mirror Edition. With dual-drive, RAID-based technology, it comes pre-set for mirroring and automatic, continuous backup. So he knows all his vital data is protected, all the time. Its vast 1TB capacity lets him keep towering stacks of work in one convenient package, while  “set and forget” simplicity and USB 2.0 connectivity make it easy to use. For Thomas, it all adds up to make My Book Mirror Edition his choice for the ultimate in data security.


WDC My Book Mirror web testimonial

Web testimonial body text:

For tax accountant Thomas Kim, client data is the lifeblood of his practice and its security the foundation of his professional reputation. That means data loss is simply not an option. Just as clients trust him to keep on top of an extraordinary amount of irreplaceable financial information, he entrusts it to the one business tool that provides the greatest possible protection: his My Book Mirror Edition external storage system.

Thomas is confident all his information is safe, all the time, because My Book Mirror Edition is designed with dual-drive RAID-based technology that automatically and continuously backs up his data. He also uses the available set-and-forget backup software for extra security. With its massive capacity that lets him store mountains of information in one neat little package, he stays more organized, and feels more on top of his game.

Besides ending the worry of data loss, installing and using his My Book Mirrored Edition is totally stress-free with plug-and-play simplicity with a quick USB 2.0 connection Bottom line? When Thomas takes into account the automatic and continuous backup, huge capacity, ease of use and extra features, it all adds up to make My Book Mirrored Edition his best choice for the ultimate in data protection.