Writing for high tech print ads and website user testimonials for portable digital storage products

Starting with marketing agency input, spec sheets and interviewing the featured user, I developed headlines and wrote copy for print ads and web testimonials for a series of portable hard drive products.

WDC My Passport Elite print ad

Ad text:

“My Passport holds everything I need
and helps me look good behind the camera.”

Scripts, location photos, talent photos, and rough cuts are just a few things you’ll find on Caroline Scott’s My Passport Elite Portable Hard Drive.  As a producer who’s always on the go, Caroline appreciates having 320GB of mega-capacity that fits in her pocket. With its lush soft-touch finish, this drive is easy to grip, comfortable to hold, and stunning to look at.  My Passport Elite also features backup, sync and encryption, and remote access software, so the critical data you store is always safe and secure.  It’s easy to travel with, looks good and is equipped with enough capacity to keep the best producers, producing.


WDC My Passport Elite web testimonial

Web testimonial body text:

Producing film and video for entertainment, education, and business requires a total grasp of countless details as well as a clear focus on the big picture. You need to have all the answers, right now, to keep the entire enterprise on budget and on schedule. So, where does the go-to person go for all the storyboards, location shots, talent photos, scripts and everything else needed to bring an inspired vision to the screen? If you’re Caroline Scott, you simply reach into your pocket and retrieve whatever you want in seconds from your My Passport Elite portable hard drive.

Caroline’s My Passport Elite  is a marvel of sophisticated technology and smart design. She uses its hard-working 320GB capacity to hold enormous rough cut videos, photo files, as well as spread sheets and documents. Either in studio or on location, she can quickly access the required data on a PC or Mac through its USB 2.0 cord, which also supplies its power.* The included sync software lets her update all files back at her desktop, while encryption and backup features ensure that all her information is safe and secure.

My Passport Elite is also as elegant as it is functional. With a lush soft-touch cover, it’s easy to grip, comfortable to use, and looks great. In fact, to her that makes it more of an essential personal accessory than a piece of computer hardware. Which Caroline appreciates, because on the set, anything that makes a valued co-worker easier to work with is one less detail to worry about.