High tech advertising creative development, copywriting for centralized data storage

For the advertising campaign on this centralized data storage product for small businesses, I provided headline and photo suggestions as well as finished copy for each execution.

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Centralized storage helps great minds think alike.    Pursue excellence. Then put it all on Share Space.

Share Space is big storage to help small business grow.    It's the next big idea for small business.

Ad text:

Centralized storage helps great minds think alike.

Connecting individuals to enhance workgroup collaboration can help your small business achieve more than the sum of its parts. So empower your entire team with WD ShareSpace for up to 4TB capacity in a tiny footprint, Gigabit Ethernet speed, and flexible RAID settings that can provide both maximum performance and data security. Offering features like remote access, download manager and music server, plus exclusive GreenPower technology for up to 33% energy savings, there’s no better solution than WD ShareSpace to focus great minds on even greater achievements.